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Twilight Spa Rituals

Our Twilight Spa Rituals are the perfect way to relax and unwind at the end of your day. All of our evening rituals are created specifically for relaxation, to calm the mind & remove stress.

These specially designed pampering treatments are available for appointment times starting at 5 pm until closing time, with pre-bookings highly recommended.

Blissful Sleep Massage & Reflexology Ritual

Allow 1 ¾ hours

The secret to a good night’s sleep is to be able to achieve a peaceful and calm state of mind. What better way than to take a relaxation journey of a full body massage utilizing light to medium pressure soothing the body and mind while stimulating circulation, easing tension and stress. The massage transcends into a focus on your feet, receiving gentle pressure on the reflexes in the feet. The journey concludes with a satisfying scalp massage that clears the mind and puts your body in a truly rested state.

Lavender Dreams Spa Ritual

Allow 1 ½ hours

Catch up on your zzzs, comforted with the wonderful aroma of sea lavender. Beginning with a full body exfoliation to refresh tired skin, you will drift into a state of full relaxation. With a combination of effleurage strokes, and body compressions, a unique massage using salt crystals and sea lavender provides balance to the body and mind. Complete this blissful dream with a peaceful scalp massage.

Wellbeing Night Spa Ritual

Allow 1 ½ hours

Float away for 1.5 hours of blissful repose. Enter a sea of deep relaxation while wrapped in a cocoon of rich marine ingredients. This begins with a full body exfoliation that prepares your skin for a Detoxifying, Re-mineralizing or Firming body wrap. While you relax to soothing sounds of relaxation, your face is refreshed with a mini facial including exfoliation, massage and mask. A silky body lotion is applied afterwards leaving your body replenished and nourished. The ritual is concluded with a luxurious foot massage and scalp massage to promote the deepest relaxation.       

Spa Ritual Recovery Massage

Allow 1 ½ hours

Float into a dreamy state of relaxation after an active day. Your provider will combine an array of massage techniques including Swedish massage, deep tissue, and rhythmic compressions – spending a little extra time on those areas of tension that may require more work. Utilizing the power of aromatherapy to allow you to fully unwind and finishing with a foot massage.

Ocean Mist Spa Ritual

Allow 1 ½ hours

Rest your mind and body, while enjoying the healing benefit of the ocean. This Spa Ritual begins with a full body sea salt exfoliation, flowing into a relaxation massage with oil infused with sea minerals. The sweet aroma of scented oil surrounds you in a dreamy bliss.

*Tax and gratuity not included.