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Pacific Mist Hydropath


Truly unique to the Kingfisher, the Pacific Mist Hydropath® offers the benefits of hydrotherapy including remineralization, detoxification, relaxation and more, in a setting that evokes Vancouver Island’s natural seaside elements.hydropath at pacific mist spa


Pacific Mist Hydropath $125

On your own, with friends or someone special, follow the path as it winds through a re-created West Coast shoreline featuring sandstone sculpted caves and pools.

Your attendant will guide you through the eight unique elements of the Pacific Mist Hydropath®. Appointments are required for access to the Hydropath.

Swiss Shower

Swiss shower jets carved into the sandstone send water pulsing from all angles, rinsing and warming your body.

Mineral Massage Pool

Proceed around the pool where jets progress from the lumbar region of the back up to the shoulders, relaxing tense muscles.

Waterfall Massage

Breathe in the positive effects of healthful negative ions as a series of streaming waterfalls from above relax stressed muscles in the shoulders and scalp.

Steam Cave

Inhale aromatic steam, soothing to the lungs and encouraging perspiration to carry away impurities.

Glacial Waterfall

Invigorate your body and senses with a welcome rush of cold!

River Walk

With sections of both warm and cool water, the river walk produces a “Kneipp” effect for the legs, a traditional therapy that stimulates blood circulation. Jets positioned along the walk provide a targeted massage, leaving legs feeling light and rejuvenated.

Sea Mineral Soak

Containing 104 trace elements at the optimal temperature for absorption by the body, the sea mineral pool is the perfect spot for a relaxing float.

Tidal Baths

Relax in a single person tidal bath carved out of rock. We hand make and freshly blend our own signature sea salt scrub. Beneficial marine extracts will leave your skin feeling nourished and refreshed.


Complete your experience in our beautiful relaxation lounge. Cool down and rehydrate while taking in gorgeous views of the ocean, mountains and nearby islands.

Appointments are required for access to the Hydropath. Total time to complete this experience is 1 hour, followed by some time in our relaxation lounge. A swim suit is required.

  • Guests must be at least 18 years of age
  • Hydropath not available for guests who are pregnant.
  • Not recommended for guests with heart conditions or high blood pressure.
  • Not recommended for guests with mobility issues (must be able to navigate stairs and lower into and out of bathtub.)
  • May not be suitable for guests with thyroid conditions, iodine or seaweed allergies.

Those guests under the influence of alcohol will be exempt from this experience at the time of service.

*Tax and gratuity not included.