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Enjoy the deep calm and relief that a great massage can bring. All of our massage treatments are deeply relaxing, but if you’re in the mood for something a little different, try our alternative massage techniques.

If you require a Registered Massage Therapist, please advise us at the time of your booking. Registered Massage Therapists are subject to availability due to high demand.

A visit to our steam cave is highly recommended before your massage. Service time for all massages includes a consultation with your massage practitioner. We aim to provide the relaxation you deserve, so please determine with your practitioner the expectations you have of your experience. Our massage practitioners are all professionally qualified to provide the highest level of relaxation massage offered in the industry.

Customize and Enhance any Massage
Add aromatherapy to any massage for $20.
The custom blend will be yours to take home.

Add firm pressure for $20.

Registered Massage Therapy

    $209 for 1 hour$269 for 1½ hours
  • Registered Massage Therapy

    This customized full-body relaxation massage is our only service performed by a Registered Massage Therapist. Upon consultation you are able to address specific tension spots and acquire personal care remedies such as stretches or alternative therapies to further relieve stress and muscle strain.

    Registered Massage Therapists of British Columbia – The Kingfisher Spa has highly trained and qualified RMTs on staff. Due to high demand an RMT may not always be available. Please specify when booking if you require a RMT.

Relaxing Massages

    $159 for 1 hour$209 for 1½ hours
  • Relaxation Massage

    This full body massage using light to medium pressure sooths the body & mind and stimulates circulation, while easing tension and stress to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.
  • $179 for 1 hour$229 for 1½ hours
  • Firm Pressure Massage

    All the benefits of a relaxation massage, while allowing firmer pressure to help ease tension.
  • Allow 45 minutes$139
  • Head and Shoulders Massage

    A massage of the back, face, scalp, neck and shoulders relaxes the most common areas for holding stress and tension.
  • Allow 1 hour$169
  • Expectant Mother Massage

    Using pillowing to support your growing body will experience another dimension of comfort during this well deserved relaxation massage. This massage is tailored for any trimester of your pregnancy.

Specialty & Alternative Massage

    Allow 1 hour$149
  • Reflexology

    A gentle healing art based on the principle that reflexes in the feet correspond to every system of the body. A soothing soak prepares feet to receive gentle pressure on these reflex points. Experience renewed balance and deep relaxation.
  • Allow 1 hour$149
  • Reiki (The Usui System of Reiki Healing)

    A Japanese healing art, Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) translates to “atmosphere of the miraculous” or “universal life energy.” A laying on of hands in a systemized method directs energy to the nervous system and major organs to rebalance, restore and relax.
  • Allow 1¾ hours$269
  • Wave

    A relaxation massage that rolls into a reflexology session. Leave floating in a peaceful calm.
  • Allow 1 hour$189
  • Deluxe Marine Mud Massage

    Embrace the warm bubbly sensation as you lay back onto our detoxifying marine mud in preparation of this relaxing massage targeting the feet, back, neck, shoulders, face and scalp.
  • Allow 1¼ hours$219
  • Sea Stone Massage

    Let the penetrating warmth and weight of smooth heated stones enhance the many benefits of a relaxing full body massage. (Service not available in July & August)

    *Add scented oil for an additional $20
  • Allow 1¼ hours$219
  • Recovery Massage

    This is a full body massage workout wind down! Your provider will combine an array of massage techniques including Swedish massage, deep tissue, and rhythmic compressions. This service is enhanced with hot towels, Cryoderm, extra time on those areas of tension that may require more work. This treatment will decrease pain associated with muscle, joint, and neurological conditions, as well as promoting tissue health and recovery.
  • Allow 1¾ hours$269
  • Sanctuary

    A relaxation massage combined with the ancient tradition of Reiki offers true sanctuary from the outside world.