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Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa
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Body Care

Ocean Mist Treatment

Allow 1½ hours

Encompassing the remineralizing power of the ocean, this treatment begins with a full body sea salt exfoliation. Flowing into a relaxation massage with oil infused with sea minerals, you feel relaxed and replenished.

Coastal Lavender Treatment

Allow 1¼ hours

Beginning with a full body exfoliation to refresh tired skin, you will drift into a state of full relaxation with the aroma of sea lavender. With a combination of effleurage strokes, and body compressions, a unique massage using salt crystals and sea lavender provides balance to the body and mind. (Includes the use of marine boluses.)

Pacific Mermaid

Allow 1½ hours

Enter a sea of deep relaxation while wrapped in a cocoon of rich marine ingredients. A full body exfoliation prepares your skin for a Firming & Restoring body wrap. While you relax, your face is refreshed with a mini facial including exfoliation, massage and mask. An application of nourishing body lotion leaves your replenished and nourished from head to fin.

Under the Sea Bliss

Allow 1¼ hours

Float into a world of relaxation with this popular treatment using pacific sea salts combined with nourishing essential oils. Skin is polished then nourished by our blend of massage oil and Seabuckthorne for a softness that lasts for days. While you relax in a warm cocoon of blankets, your face is refreshed with a mini facial including exfoliation, massage and mask.

Balancing Body Wrap

Allow 1 hour

Exfoliation prepares the skin to absorb a full body mask that is Firming & Restoring. Wrapped in warm blankets you will enjoy a relaxing eye and scalp massage. Application of moisturizer from head to toe seals in the benefits of your wrap and leaves skin completely nourished.

Healing Waters Body Rejuvenation

Allow 1¾ hours

Treat your skin to our signature rosemary mint salt body exfoliation. Your skin will be ready to accept the antioxidant rich green tea soak in our jetted hydrotherapy tub. Rest peacefully as you receive a full body relaxation massage. Freshly prepared, hand blended ingredients provide complete nourishment and make this one of our most unique services.

Hydropath Soak 

Allow 1 hour

Let the 144 jets in our therapeutic tub massage away muscular tension and activate sluggish circulation. Enjoy a full body exfoliation to prepare for the hydrotherapy soak. An application of moisturizer seals in the benefits and leaves the skin completely nourished.

Essential Back Treatment

Allow 45 minutes

Relax completely while the skin on your back receives the attention it deserves. A thorough cleansing, exfoliation, warming marine mud mask, and relaxing massage will refine and purify this skin that is so hard to reach!

Sea Body Polish

Allow 45 minutes

Pacific sea salts provide a gentle but thorough exfoliation.  Skin is then nourished by our blend of massage oil and seabuckthorne oil for softness that lasts for days.

*Tax and gratuity not included.


Not recommended for those with heart conditions

Not for people with thyroid conditions or iodine, seaweed or shellfish allergies